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I suspect your first question will be just who or what are the "Mutant cats?"*
The second question is sure to be - just where the heck is Downsview?**


Highly Recommended Sites:

I come from the net....

Meet Bob, Dot and Enzo as they battle the likes of Megabyte and Hexidecimal in "ReBoot." This phenomenally sucessful computer animated show is going into it's third season. This is Alliances' ReBoot home page.

Visit the official home page of Mainframe Entertainment, the people who bring ReBoot to your screens.

Don't forget to visit the unofficial ReBoot Home Page of Joe Smith (No relation....)

The Internet Movie Database

The most comprehensive listing of movies, actors and more. You may also submit information on items that are incomplete.

Lee Whiteside

The most valuable asset to anyone who watches television - Lee Whiteside's site. Don't put your trust in TV Guide - trust Lee - you will be lost without his up to date information.

The Lurker's Guide

This is the greatest wealth of information available on one of my favourite shows -
Babylon 5. Here you will find a listing of all the episodes from the pilot to the most current shows - including those that have just been written. You will find information here that can't be found elsewhere, to keep yourself current on the Babylon 5 universe and those who bring it to you.

(If you can't wait until the show air and want to spoil your self rotten here's where the press releases are stored - which offers a synopsis of the upcoming shows - one show at a time. Press Releases)

Also the Official Babylon 5 Fan Club is now online. Please note - you will require Netscape 2.0 or better to visit this site.

Check out the JMS Chat from June 30, 1997 on the Turner server. You'll find some info on season 5 and the two made for tv movies to be aired on TNT.

Another site that is invaluable for Southern Ontario fans of Babylon 5 is the CITY-TV/CKVR Babylon 5 site. CITY-TV came to the rescue of the fans of Southern Ontario when "The Network That Shall Remain Nameless" cancelled Babylon 5 before the 3rd season ended.



Links to Favorite sites:


Go.com - formerly Infoseek - this is one of the 5 best search engines available online and my personal favourite.

Wildbear Consulting

Jack De Winter is a computer and programming wizard, owner of The Milliways Mailing List and a dear friend. Visit Wildbear Consulting - where he works is magic on programs such as SLMail for NT, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.

The Badger's Den

Steven Savage (aka Badger) is a wonderful friend I've met through #gray17 on Saturday afternoons and on the mailing lists cynus-xl and babylon5@orca.ucd.ie. Browse his site at your own risk - you never know what he may have waiting for you in The Badger's Den....

Lorien's "Where Creatures Meet"

Lorien has always been here. Just ask him. Another Babylon 5 fan and a fan of VR.5 as well. I first met him in IRC talking about VR.5, but since then I discovered his love of Babylon 5. His site is a tribute to the show, and its creator J. Michael Strazynski.

Lottery Numbers

Have you checked your Lottario, Lotto 6/49, Super 7 or Pick 3 numbers lately? No? Well try Lottery Numbers from IP Systems.

The ultimate source for windows freeware and shareware - Tucows

Need to find out what movies are playing, when and where in Toronto? Check out EYE Online


Leisure, Literature and Laughs:


Babylon 5 TV Logo

(The online Babylon 5 Saturday afternoon Cocktail Party.... especially if Badger's there ;-)
If you're interested in talking to some great people on IRC - sometimes about Babylon 5, more often than not it is a free flowing conversation with a fun group of people - try #gray17 on the undernet.

We generally get together Saturdays at 2 p.m. (EST or EDT depending on the time of year) until when ever everyone finds they have to leave. Our participants join us from all over North America and Europe.

Please note: The Babylon 5 Logo is a copyright and trademark 1997 PTN Consortium

The Mailing List that has a special place in my heart:

Milliways Banner

The Milliways Mailing list. If you like Science Fiction, great conversation, some debate with some interesting people you are invited to join our list. The Milliways Mailing List Welcome Message (text, 6197 bytes) is available for you to peruse here. It will give you some idea what we're about. There's really only one rule - no flamewars - and we do try to strictly enforce that. You can now visit the "Rogues Gallery" from our September meet in Niagara Falls at the Flying Saucer Drive-In.

Virtual Storm Logo

On October 18,1995 fans of the cancelled show VR.5 were led to believe that a VR.5 movie would be made for FOX. We have not been able to confirm any of that but are continuing our lobby to push for just such a movie.

We have begun a petition to show our support for the creation a two hour VR.5 movie for the Fox Network's Tuesday Night Movie of the Week slot. We would like to see the original cast and crew back in action and realize that this might be the only way to get our program back on the network. We'd like to thank FOX for their consideration and invite you to add your name to our petition.

(To go to the petition - click the Virtual Storm Logo to the left.)


You're welcomed to drop me a line at:graywulf@rogers.com


Oh yeah....

*They are the two very large "fur faces" I live with and affectionately call Mutant Cats, Merlin and Mapes. Once you've seen them - most other cats look tiny....

**It's area in the City of North York, part of Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


(Teamwork Award from Spectrum University)

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