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The Mutant Cats of Downsview....

Picture 1 of Merlin

Picture 2 of Merlin

Merlin: My clinging clown. He loves to be loved. He would sleep on the pillow beside me if I weren't allergic to him. But he listens to me when I tell him "It's time to go out", or time to do "laps" (the dinner ritual)
Merlin, 20 pounds of furry love. My big fur face, and brother to Mapes.
Picture 3 of Merlin
Picture 4 of Merlin


March 12, 1984 - September 8, 1999


March 12, 1984 - October 1, 2001

Mapes: Mr. Serious. I know you're not supposed to have favourites, but he is mine. When he "talks" to me - there's almost no sound - but when he's upset - the entire building can hear him...
Mapes is smaller than his brother, in weight only. Either of them are on average bigger than most small dogs....