Welcome to the Rogue's Gallery!

On September 28, 1996 a gathering took place at an appropriate venue - the Flying Saucer Drive-In in Niagara Falls. This is to date, the largest Milliways gathering.

On August 9, 1997 we had our second Milliways gathering at the Flying Saucer Drive-In in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Mind you - those pictures haven't been put up yet, but I've added a few of other members of Milliways who couldn't attend for one reason or another....

Mark Timmins

Mark Timmins (center)from West Bromwich, England and Jon Hilgreen and his lovely family from Buffalo, N.Y. (right) standing in front of the Flying Saucer Drive-In Restaurant.

Mark is one of the most prolific posters on the Milliways Mailing List. Only rivalled by John Dobbin in Winnipeg, Mark is notorius for posting anywhere between 20 and 50 posts at one sitting.

Jon is also known as "Ranger One" on the Babylon 5 regional mailing lists for Buffalo and Southern Ontario. Until recently he was not only the list owner, but administrator for both lists.

Tim Kuehn

Tim Kuehn, has been reported missing on the Milliways mailing list. We hope he finds his way back soon. I'm sure John Dobbin and Augie De Blieck both miss his skills in debating.

Valerie and Bobby Terrell

Meet Valerie and Bobby Terrell. They are two of the "newcomers" to Milliways. Many thanks to JMS and his creation of Babylon 5 for bringing them to our friendly little group!

Jack De Winter

Though he'll deny it, this is in fact Jack De Winter and his lovely wife Christina gracing our gathering.

Jack is the list owner of the Milliways mailing list (and several others as well.)

Together we raid "The World's Biggest Book Store" a couple of times a year when he comes to visit Toronto.

Laura Smith

Inquiring minds wanted to know what I looked like....

Yep, this is a picture of me. Thanks to Mark Timmins for this picture.